Interlocking Driveways, Walkways, Patios and Decks

Interlocking paving stones become more and more popular, and for good reason. There are a lot of benefits that come from using them. Here are just a few:
They are very strong and durable, able to withstand high traffic- up to 8,000 pounds per square inch (psi)
Individual pavers can be easily replaced if needed
They can last up to 25 years or more
Interlocking pavers are versatile, coming in a wide range of shapes, textures, and colors, and they can be arranged in uneven or symmetrical patterns according to your desires
There is less water absorption, and they are more able to withstand cold weather and frigid climates
For these reasons, along with many others, make interlocking pavers the perfect option for brick or stone driveways, walkways, patios and decks. L&S Landscaping can create just the look you want, whether that is a uniformed pattern or a more natural look.
While interlocking pavers are a little higher than the traditional asphalt and concrete, the beauty and durability make them well worth the price. Your home is an investment, so it only makes sense to treat your yard as an investment, as well. Investing in pavers today can save you a lot of time, money and frustration down the line.
Let us show you just what interlocking pavers can do for you. Our team can help you choose the best places for them, be it your driveway or your patios and decks. With the beautiful options available, don’t be surprised if you want to use them for all three. Whatever the look you want for your lawn, L&S Landscaping can help you find the best ways to reach that goal.

Interlocking Walkway